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adjective:  in the sense of perfect


perfect |  excellent | first-class 


Most of people see their own aircraft as Mint Condition.
I believe its a really important feel, and I can see beauty in many different ways.

Do you want to highlight your aircraft with Mint ACFT?

May we help you find a good buy?

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Fixed Wing Aircraft Pilot since  2002

Commercial | IFR | Multi

ANAC - Commercial Pilot License

FAA - Private Pilot License (based on foreign license)

Advertisement College Degree - FAAP

Aircraft Broker with international transactions experience 

40+ transactions successfully completed, in 11 years of work

One of the founders of AERA - Association of Aircraft Brokerage Companies

(Associação de Empresas Revendedoras de Aeronaves).

with the support of CFLY Aviation, the company that formed me as an International Sales Broker.

Marcos Furlan

Mint Acft is intended to perform as follows:

Present through instagram mint.acft a selection of aircraft that calls our attention and that are for sale.

 Free of charge: you can send info of your Mint Condition ACFT, we will advertise it.

We offer the following services:

  • Consultancy to select the best models to fit your demmands

  • Technnical analysis of the aircraft available for sale at the current market.

    • Hours available untio Overhaul, Maintenance programs, optionals and relevant avionics installed, Value analysis.

  • Market analysis for aircraft that will become available for sale.

    • Idemntify Direct competitors, differentials of the aircraft for sale and from the competitors.

  • Coordination of the commercial negotiation and Terms and conditions of the Letter of Intent and Aircraft Purchase Agreement.

  • Select, hire and follow up on tech team during Pre Purchase Inspection

  • Structuring and coordination of the legal team, Export and Import Process, Logistics, Dispatcher, Ferry Flight, and other required processes. I have done this several times, From and to different countries.

  • Creation of communication directed to Sell

    • Aircraft Brochure creation​

      • Advertisement pieces, for online and off-line

      • Magazines, Classifieds, Youtube aviation channels​

    • Selection of the proper classifieds for each type of aircraft.

    • Strategy prep for the specifics of each aircraft.  

    • Hot Site for the aircraft, containing photos, videos, documents and other relevant data.

    • Coordination of the photoshoots, Virtual tour inside the aircraft, filming, and other Sales efforts.

    • Preparation of the aircraft documentation in digital files, for foreign potential buyers.


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