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Mint Acft is intended to perform as follows:

  1. Present through instagram mint.acft a selection of aircraft that calls our attention and that are for sale.

  2. Offer the following services:

  • Consultancy to select the best models to fit your demmands

  • Technnical analysis of the aircraft available for sale at the current market.

    • Hours available untio Overhaul, Maintenance programs, optionals and relevant avionics installed, Value analysis.

  • Market analysis for aircraft that will become available for sale.

    • Idemntify Direct competitors, differentials of the aircraft for sale and from the competitors.

  • Coordination of the commercial negotiation and Terms and conditions of the Letter of Intent and Aircraft Purchase Agreement.

  • Select, hire and follow up on tech team during Pre Purchase Inspection

  • Structuring and coordination of the legal team, Export and Import Process, Logistics, Dispatcher, Ferry Flight, and other required processes. I have done this several times, From and to different countries.

  • Creation of communication directed to Sell

    • Aircraft Brochure creation​

      • Advertisement pieces, for online and off-line

      • Magazines, Classifieds, Youtube aviation channels​

    • Selection of the proper classifieds for each type of aircraft.

    • Strategy prep for the specifics of each aircraft.  

    • Hot Site for the aircraft, containing photos, videos, documents and other relevant data.

    • Coordination of the photoshoots, Virtual tour inside the aircraft, filming, and other Sales efforts.

    • Preparation of the aircraft documentation in digital files, for foreign potential buyers.


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Created for Aircraft Sales

Marcos Furlan

Fixed Wing Aircraft Pilot since  2002

Commercial | IFR | Multi

ANAC - Commercial Pilot License

FAA - Private Pilot License (based on foreign license)

Advertisement College Degree - FAAP

Aircraft Broker with international transactions experience 

40+ transactions successfully completed, in 11 years of work

One of the founders of AERA - Association of Aircraft Brokerage Companies

(Associação de Empresas Revendedoras de Aeronaves).

with the support of CFLY Aviation, the company that formed me as an International Sales Broker.

Tel. +55 (11) 99149-1551

CNPJ: 21.504.945/0001-10

São Paulo, SP - Brasil